Warehousing and order fulfillment for new businesses

Warehousing and order fulfillment for new businesses

The advent of the internet and the increasing popularity of auction sites have seen an increase in the number of new businesses starting up. The majority of these new businesses focus on trading and selling goods online. Whilst new businesses can often bring a positive boost to the UK economy, it is important that these new firms realise the importance of logistics strategy and accurate order fulfillment to ensure their continued success.

Many new businesses are becoming victims of their own success; finding that demand simply outstrips their ability to meet order fulfillment requirements, especially if they had envisaged their operation to run at a slower pace in its infancy. Such is the nature of the internet that customer advocacy and word of mouth recommendation generates so much business in today's market. If a company is providing a great service with quality products, their demand invariably increases because the amount of positive recommendation they receive rises.
At this point, many new businesses have struggled with the logistics of meeting customer orders in a timely and accurate fashion. However, those companies that have succeeded have often looked to outsource their order fulfillment and warehousing operations to third party logistics companies. This outsourcing takes pressure off the business itself and they are able to concentrate on generating new business or developing products due to the peace of mind provided by the knowledge that an experienced logistics management company can provide.

Here at the ILG, we work with a variety of business partners, from established large companies to start-up ventures. We ensure that we take time to understand their logistic and warehousing needs in order to provide them with a tailored solution. More and more small new businesses are taking advantage of this and are finding the running of their operation significantly improved because of it.

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