Lacerte Software

Lacerte Software
From tax preparers to corporations to individuals, Lacerte Software is a much in demand tax-preparation software to prepare annual and quarterly tax returns. The recent versions incorporate all the alterations in tax procedures as is mandated by law and the Government every financial year. The applications provide dual provision for filing tax returns. Tax preparers can now either print their tax returns before sending them to the designated tax authorities, or use the e-filing option to file tax returns.

System compatibility
Installing Lacerte software in a system with limited capabilities with respect to processor speed, RAM and disk drive speed can cause extensive system slow down and make it difficult to use. The processor should have a minimum 2.4 GHz speed along with a 32X CD- or DVD-ROM drive to get optimal performance, as per the guidelines mentioned in the Lacerte guidebook. In case your system uses a 32-bit operating system, the minimum requirement is 2GB of RAM, while for a 64-bit system it is 4GB for optimal performance. For proper installation 2 GB of empty hard disk space is a perquisite.

How can prior year settings be transferred?
Tax return procedures and rules keep on changing every year and to incorporate these changes the latest Lacerte software also make some changes in the program. However, in case the user wants the software to remember the setting of the previous year, he can do it simply by going to the Options menu. There he has to choose the Settings option and then the Transfer Prior Year Settings in the next and final step. Once done, it will automatically update the users settings to the previous year without changing the current tax regulations.

Connect a printer to the Lacerte software
A printer is an important component to have printed copies of tax returns locally. Connecting the printer with the Lacerte application is rather easy. Select the Printer Selection option in the Setup tab and then the name of the printer from the list that is given. Once done, click OK to save the settings.

Print return copies of each type at one time
Annual tax returns typically comprise four types. These are preparer review copies, preparer file copy, client copy and the government filing copy. While the tax preparer uses the preparer review copies to check his work before finally dispatching it, the preparer file copy is meant for his personal reference. Meanwhile, the client copy is sent to the client for his own record, whereas the government filing copy is sent to tax authorities for filing tax returns. To type all the types simultaneously you need to select the Complete Return Copies option in the Setup tab. You can even decide the number of copies that you want of each type, from one to five.

How to delete Lacerte sample download program before installing the complete program
The Lacerte sample download program helps you to get a first-hand experience of the software and find out whether it fulfills your expectations. After you have checked the Lacerte sample download program, you may either decide to go with the complete version or may decide to do away with it. In either case, you have to remove the sample program so that there is sufficient disk space. The following steps are suggested to help you smoothly delete the sample program:

Go to Start and then select control Panel
Depending on the type of operating system you are using, follow the "Programs" or "Add or Remove Programs" tab. You will come across a list of currently installed programs, including the Lacerte sample program, on the system in the new window
Keep scrolling the list until you reach the Lacerte software title
Once you select the title there will be a number of options just below the title. To load the uninstall wizard click Remove
Repeat the process to remove other Lacerte related programs. After that, follow the prompts and click Delete. The Lacerte program is then permanently removed from the system by the uninstall wizard.

Lacerate Tax Software Hosting
The normal desktop installation of the Lacerte software is not the only and most productive way to use the software. It can be replaced with hosting the application on the cloud where users can get much more flexibility and productivity than the traditional desktop installation. Also, there is higher mobility in terms of access to the application as it is available over the Internet. The user just needs to install a program provided by the cloud service provider to access the application. There are enough reasons why users would want to host the Lacerte application on the cloud:
Instant IT Helpdesk support along with real-time monitoring of business-critical data. The most-advanced troubleshooting tools deployed to effectively remove security threats remotely
Hosted Lacerte Tax Software obviates upfront cost required to procure and maintain servers, maintain extensive security network and data backups
Greater flexibility in using multiple versions and editions of Lacerte when hosted on terminal servers
The Lacerte application can be smoothly integrated with other complementary applications and also add-ons to enhance the functionality of the application; All of them will be simultaneously hosted on the same terminal server
Pay-per-use model insures there is no extra expenditure to be incurred

While availing the services of a hosting service provider it is, however, important to put emphasis on a few major concern areas like pricing structure, IT support, and applications other than Lacerte that the service provider hosts.

Pricing: It has been commonly observed that there are hidden costs that the users end up paying apart from what is declared in the price list. The user will do well to guard against such misadventures. Moreover, he should go for service providers who have more flexible pricing structure.

IT support: IT support should be a part of the overall application hosting package. Also, check out the previous record of the service providers and their credentials in providing critical IT support.

Applications other than Lacerte Software that are Hosted: In many cases, users want to host other complementary applications like QuickBooks accounting application, Peachtree accounting application, as well as other tax applications like Drake, ATX, CCH, Proseries, et al alongside the Lacerte software. It is more convenient to host them with a single service provider rather than get them hosted with different service providers.

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