Automated Pick and Pack Services ? Warehousing and Distribution

Automated Pick and Pack Services ? Warehousing and Distribution
Pick and pack warehousing is, in essence the employment of a pick and pack 3rd party fulfilment house to carry out the processing of orders, pick, pack, and dispatch of your product to the end user/customer to the specification set out by you and your customers needs and parameters. 

The Process -

Pick and pack warehousing had many different variations but in its most simple form it works as follows. Your stock is located to your chosen 3rd party fulfilment house.  All stock is put in to picking faces and bulk storage stock ready for pick and pack.
Orders will be sent, manually via, email, fax or phone, or by an integrated process, meaning when an order is placed on your e commerce site it is sent directly in to your fulfilment partners warehouse management system (WMS).

These order are then pooled and sorted, depending on your parameters, time of delivery,  pick programme (first in first out) etc.

From here a pick note is produced and given to a picker who will locate the items by product code and location and take to packing table.
At this point the order is checked and packed to packing specification.

The package then goes to dispatch where it will be sent with a best choice carrier to the customer (of course all pick and pack services differs but this is the general over view).
Pick and pack therefore can seem like a very simple process but there is a lot of variation to service and value added services that can be attached to this. Pick and pack can also provide vital information from its reporting data. Your goods in, goods out, your current stock volume and then this can all be compared day to day, month to month or year to year giving you much greater clarity over your stock.
This enables you to make informed purchasing choices, re evaluate stock held and check on seasonality.

Pick and pack warehousing has many benefits and of course some downfalls, but if you have a good relationship with your partner it is moreover the most cost effective way of distributing to your customers, not to mention the fact that pick and pack is what these business do. A good partner will understand the importance of a long term relationship and will work with you to not only give you the cost effective and mutually beneficial rate but will understand the importance of your customers needs and your customers to  you and the large part that the distribution process plays in this.
Niamh Allan has been working in the capacity of chief editor for Store It All for ten years now. With an aggregate experience of almost 15 years in logistics sector, she has attained the reputation of an outstanding logistics professional (Logistics, pick and pack fulfilment , warehousing and distribution). She loves to carry out studies on third party logistics business and has been highly appreciated as a logistics analyst. Her readers curiously wait for whatever trendy she comes up with through her columns and write ups.

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