POS software

POS software

Pathfinder strongly believes in the essentials that it is the triad of people, method and technology that determines business performance.

Pathfinder is a leading retail software solutions provider in India, APAC Regions & Middle East and provides end to end solutions for retail automation, retail sales and inventory management, products management and planning. One of our main strengths is our in-house retail expertise and support, which is second to none

Pathfinder offers a range of software products and Retail Point of Sale software solutions which integrate a wide spectrum of customer requirements

Our systems have been proved in the field for over 10 years and are continually evolving to give you a competitive edge. If the network or server fails, the POS terminal will continue to run offline until the problem is resolved, at which time all data is automatically synchronized, updated and stored on the server.


Introducing XtreMe eSmartStore™, a Point of Sale and Retail Management solution that boasts speed, ease of use, reliability and an extensive range of powerful features designed for an array of diverse retail verticals ensuring your business is operational at all times. XtreMe eSmartStore™ Point of Sale and retail management tools ensure that you serve your customers effectively whilst maintaining tight control over business processes, performance and generates immediate cost savings.

XtreMe eSmartStore provides your workforce with the necessary gears at the Point of Sale to deliver unmatched customer service. Processes are streamlined to eliminate confusion, decrease the time required for staff training and create a more efficient way of working.


Support for retail stores / regional warehouses / head office

Support for Franchisee / Consignment sales

Support for Web based head office report management

Support for Flow through sales

Apply store wise MBQ, prices & taxes

Centrally managed

Inventory Management

Order Management

Customer Management

Real-time synchronization between warehouses & stores

Delivery variance reporting

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