If you are in the business of supply chains, then you need to adopt supply chain management processes to ensure maximum customer satisfaction at minimum possible cost. Less software endeavors to provide you with state of the art supply chain management solutions for all your business problems. These solutions are incorporated in the scm software in the form of a service subscription model. All the products by Less Software can be accessed anytime and anywhere; all you need is an internet connection and browser. And all of them are uncomplicated and extremely simple to learn and use.

Less Software's inventory management module has a lethal combination of supplier management and receiving inspection abilities which assists you in centralizing the whole acquisition process eliminating superfluous information. An accurate and detailed synopsis of the performance of your supplier with respect to quality conformance and punctual deliveries is also provided.
Inventory management products offered by Less Software are designed to provide companies the vision needed to deal with inventory efficiently. This includes looking into serialization, shelf life, lot number and obviously the cost factor. Distinct capabilities for following up new, overhauled and refurbished inventories come with scm software which works wonders for aftermarket processes.

This in turn helps the Sales and Procurement Management come up with timely and more erudite decisions which go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction.

The scm software makes supply chain management easy to handle as all active and on hold supplier status data is stored at a single and easily accessible location thus integrating it with the entire process. You will never again make the mistake of allotting a purchase contract to an on-hold supplier. Less software simplifies all supply chain management processes by automatically sourcing every requirement for placement. Preventing contract leakage, control spends and from warehousing to requisition, everything is quick and easy to handle. By defining your procurement organization in terms of responsibility and hierarchy, Less Software supports your organization by providing sourcing managers. These create and take care of supplier agreements and purchasers as well as outsourced purchasing deals for specific purchase contracts. In particular, electronic workflow limits your company's spending and enforces the necessary approvals.

Supplier Management solutions by Less Software equip your team with the required tools as well as acumen for cost reduction, improved compliance and for improvising spend and supplier performance continuously. We provide you with the latest updates as soon as new technologies are developed and assist you in their application. Our on-demand e-learning technologies and webinars are meant to motivate, educate and validate your employees. So, take your supply chain business to a whole new level only with Less Software.

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