Hospitality software

Hospitality software
My steady effort helped me to reach at the level I am. We had a small restaurant which my grandfather had opened in his time. The location was not so good but thereafter development was taking place rapidly. I and my father made sure that we expanded our restaurant business. We slowly started a lodging facility above our hotel. Now after many years of hard work & dedication we are proud owners of a three star hotel that is accredited to Hotel association of India. The effort we put in to the hotel cannot be determined ever.

Climbing to this level was not at all easy. There were many difficulties which we faced on our path to success. In hospitality sectors if your customer gets unhappy you will lose your business. We have to be extra careful while handling the customers. One wrong move and your hotel get more losses than profit.
We built this hotel with lessons learned in a hard way. There were many factors which helped us to reach the level we are at present. The crucial factor will be purchasing Hotel Management System, software from Panoramic Universal Limited. It was after implementing the software we found it was the best option we would ever have. It eased the load & automated the process.
Hotel Management Systems had all the features integrated in to three modules namely front office, point of sale & inventory. All the things we needed were synchronized in to these three modules. Front office modules contained all the basic things which a front office required.
Starting from reservation, booking, check-in, check-out & bill generation can be executed using this module. As this saved lots of time and we could manage all these things at the same time. We are currently helping our customer to spend less time at the desk. In a matter of seconds they can book, reserve or check-in & check-out. Customers are happy that they don’t have to wait for long at the lobby. The second module was basically for the kitchen staff. Orders of the customer are punched in to the system which helps in auto calculating their food bill. Only thing the staffs have to do is to punch the order in to the system. The third & the most significant module is of the inventory. We have to maintain a minimum inventory for our customers. All the stock can be tracked using this module. This even helps in decision making as we will come to know if the stock are more or less. It has a affect in the total cost.
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