Efficient Data Warehousing by Centennial Marketing Group

Efficient Data Warehousing by Centennial Marketing Group
The warehouse builders often do not spare much time for discussing on a few points about the task. It is said that forewarned is forearmed. So, let’s throw some light on the matter in these articles. You probably waste a lot of time in extracting, cleaning and loading data. While, building data, 80% time is spent on such works. In most of the cases, time required for these tasks is underestimated. This point is all about extracting, cleaning and loading. This data cleaning procedure is quite complex. Centennial marketing group has the right solution for it.

Data Warehousing Project Scope is Increasing Everyday:

The warehouse builders often do not ask the warehouse users what information is required. The right question should be, “What more Information does he want”? If you face any problem at the time of systems feeding data warehouse, you can find solution for those.
If there were several problems that had gone undetected for years, there is a way to solve those. Now decision is yours, whether you want to go for solving the problems in ‘read-only’ data warehouse or do the same for transaction processing system.

You might need to store data that is not being stored by existing systems. It is undoubtedly very difficult to find the need for storing data that are not stored in the transaction processing systems. There might be need for including information about on/off invoice adjustments not included in the order entry system, while building sales reporting data warehouses. Data warehouse developer might need to modify transaction process or building a system dedicated to capture missing information.  Centennial Marketing CMG helps you in doing so.

You might need to validate data by transaction process systems. Once data is in warehouse, inconsistencies might crop up. These inconsistencies might be in the field of ‘descriptive’ information. For example, no control is put on customer name. You can have ‘DEC’, ‘Digital’ and ‘Digital Equipment’ in the database. This definitely causes problem to the warehouse user performing an ad hoc query selecting customer name. The warehouse developer might need to modify transaction processing system or create the data scrubbing technology.

In some cases, transaction processing systems feeding that feed warehousing system does not contain details. This happens mostly in case of the product or customer oriented warehousing systems. It is often called ‘granularity’ problem. Often, resources skilled in feeder system are under budgeted. While, understanding the feeder system data, it might be advantageous to build some ‘cleaning’ logic on feeder system platform, provided it is a mainframe. Cleaning might involve a large amount of sorting, merging on the basis of which mainframe utilities excel. You can do aggregation as aggregation also involves a great deal of sorting.

Warehouse end users are trained, but often they do not apply their knowledge in the practical field. But, Centennial marketing group employees follow their training meticulously, to offer you the best service. Once end users receive queries or report tools, request for IS written reports get increased.
Centennial Marketing Group has employees involved in the proper data warehousing task for their clients. Centennial Marketing CMG employees do the task efficiently for their clients.