The Leading Solution For Professional, Secure Warehousing Services

The Leading Solution For Professional, Secure Warehousing Services
When storing pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, climate optimization is vital, in order to facilitate environment conditions that conform to strict industry protocols related to the optimal storage of that particular product. The International Warehouse Group has achieved notoriety in this regard by providing companies with warehousing services that, in addition to meeting hygiene and cost-efficiency requirements, are truly adapted to suit the optimized needs of the customer and their product. This unique dedication to innovative warehousing services is exemplified by their New York storage facility, which offers clients a fully customizable climate-controlled environment that is ideal for the professional containment of pharmaceutical goods and medical equipment.

Pharmaceutical companies trust the warehousing services of the International Warehousing Group because the company Is U.S. customs bonded, which means that they surpass all standard regulations relevant to the storage and warehousing of goods. Furthermore, they have been rated low risk by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and many banking companies due to their excellent record-keeping and meticulous appliance of safety processes, which are highlighted by the exemplary safety record of this provider of superior warehousing services.

The International Warehouse Group hosts an elaborate network of over 1 000,000 sq. feet of the most modern, secure and cost-effective warehousing facilities, which are protected under 24-7 electronic surveillance so that clients can rest assured about the security of the merchandise while it is in the care of International Warehouse Group.

As well as being ideally suited for pharmaceutical storage due to its climate-controlled environment, their New York facility is also perfectly positioned as a storage service thanks to its proximity to local shipping areas and the Manhattan offices of the major manufacturers, for an across-the-board solution to your warehousing and distribution requirements.

To ensure your products make it to their destination on time every time, entrust the international warehousing group with all of your distribution requirements. The company's distribution offerings include highly specialized distribution equipment, which can support the transporting of every kind of material, from medical equipment to food to building supplies.

Their transport services include; flatbed trucking, life-gate services, retail store deliveries, freight pick-up on all ship, rail and flight deliveries and more. To help your company take advantage of this wide-array of transportation options, they offer a team of experience drivers who are available 24/7, ready to pick up and drop off your product. Additionally, because they understand the importance of keeping decision makers informed at every step of the process, they also offer GPS tracking on each of their deliveries, so the position of your freight is monitored constantly, as it makes its way to its destination.

As one of the leading providers of warehousing services in the U.S., their top-of-the-line tracking technology ensures that your company's inventory is controlled and secure, with computer programs that can relay in-depth information concerning the products for review by the customer as requested.

When you need warehousing services that are optimized to the desired storage condition for your products, choose the International Warehouse Group, the warehousing and distribution experts.

About the International Warehouse Group:

With their 30-year service background in the industry, the International Warehouse Group offers expert distribution and warehouse services across the United States for clients that represent a wide variety of industries. Due to their innovative, climate-controlled storage facility in New York, they have become one of the recognized leaders in providing warehousing for medical supplies and equipment. To learn more, please go to Intlwhsegrp.

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