Software Security

Software Security
In addition, soft starter technology, which starts the motor at a slow, controlled manner, has a solid-state soft starters have the added ability to protect the motor against overload. It provides this protection by either electromechanical or electronic means, both models have fully programmable electronic overload protection that meets code. The ability to program the soft start allows the gap between full voltage starting and inverters bridge while retaining the flexibility of the latter.
Another form of soft starters, motor controllers use a different approach to bring the engine speed in a controlled manner. Software security is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in computer software circles. Today, every one can easily cracked version (software that comes with illegal software keys) by clicking in the right places on the Internet. In the real world software resale, rental software and backup software, all are called "software piracy".
Software Security - The Problem
While most countries apply copyright laws, software, these laws are rarely enforced and not enforced in some countries. It is virtually impossible to track who has an authentic copy of a software program and who is not. While software piracy as a victimless crime seems to be the most piracy against small and medium-sized enterprises is done. Software programmers spend years developing a program need to protect their hard work. In recent years,with the shortage of software programmers have taken the law enforcement authorities of the issue of software security into their own hands.
Software Security - The Solution
There are a few companies today that to develop security software to make the application code and rules for the licensing of hacker protection of changes and deletions. One way to protect software is through code obfuscation.
Software security - code obfuscation
Obfuscated code is source code (usually intentionally) is very hard to read and understand. Some programming languages ​​are more prone to fogging than others. C, C + + and Perl are usually quoted as easy obfuscatable languages. Macro preprocessors are often used to create hard to read code by masking the standard syntax and grammar from the main part of the code. The term "wrapped code" has also been used.
Programs in languages ​​like C + + or Pascal are compiled into machine language of a particular computer before they become a program. Programmers write "source code", do computers "machine code" so this conversion is necessary. It is (generally) a one-way conversion of source code into machine code. Machine code is not encrypted and is easy for everyone to see, but the format is so boring for the people who reverse-engineering efforts are slow and painful.
In-house application development organizations highly-customized mission-critical software for companies worldwide to offer. Not less than ISVs (Independent Software Vendor), these teams need protection and control for their products - especially since they are more service-oriented, plays a central role in the overall enterprise business strategy.
With an understanding that code protection and licensing systems must cooperate fully in-house development teams today Taking aholistic approach to software security, that a complete software lifecycle management services.

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