Online Data Warehousing Training

Online Data Warehousing Training

In the online training of the data warehousing the tutors help you to the understand the different concepts like mention below



Architecture, in the context of an organization's data warehousing efforts, is a conceptualization of how the data warehouse is built. There is no right or wrong architecture, but rather there are multiple architectures that exist to support various environments and situations. The worthiness of the architecture can be judged from how the conceptualization aids in the building, maintenance, and usage of the data warehouse.


One possible simple conceptualization of data warehouse architecture consists of the following interconnected layers:


Operational database layer

The source data for the data warehouse — an organization's Enterprise Resource Planning systems fall into this layer.


Data access layer

The interface between the operational and informational access layer — Tools to extract, transform, load data into the warehouse fall into this layer.


Metadata layer

The data directory — this is usually more detailed than an operational system data directory.

There are dictionaries for the entire warehouse and sometimes dictionaries for the data that can be accessed by a particular reporting and analysis tool.


Informational access layer

The data accessed for reporting and analyzing and the tools for reporting and analyzing data — Business intelligence tools fall into this layer. The Inmon-Kimball differences about design methodology, discussed later in this article, have to do with this layer


Below is the simple snap spot that how will be your online training for the data warehousing .



Data Warehousing:1 Concepts

Time: 2 hours

This course provides an overview of data warehousing concepts, including their use, components, and structures.



* Explain the function and use of data warehouses

* Identify the systems data warehouses use to store data

* Show how the components of data warehouses work together

* Compare data models and structures




* Introduction to Data Warehousing

* Managing Data with Data Warehousing

* Data Warehouse Components

* Data Models and Structures


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