International Warehousing Group ? Offering New York?s Finest Warehousing Facilities And Services

International Warehousing Group ? Offering New York?s Finest Warehousing Facilities And Services

When trusting your products to another company, you must find an industry-recognized provider of innovative services; an organization that stands out within their field for their exceptional background in the industry. For companies searching for a New York warehousing provider, this company must have excellent recommendations from the top authorities when it comes to the quality of their service offering. One Melville, New York-based organization truly stands out from the crowd in this regard.

International Warehousing Group is a warehousing solutions leader. Aside from offering their clients over 1,000,000sq. feet of warehousing space within cutting edge facilities in New York, New Jersey California and Florida, the organization also offers a plethora of parallel services that meet the precise requirements of clients running companies in today's fast and competitive business environment.

As part of the organization's quality control systems, the company's receiving department inspects all incoming freight carefully, and will notify customers directly if any of the products received have been opened or sustained any damage while in transit.

Customized projects are International Warehousing Group's specialist area. They can ensure that all orders are fulfilled to exact customer specifications with their repacking services, which mean that organizations never have to worry about products being shipped out with the incorrect components. Indeed, when it comes to compiling orders, the warehousing services of New York-based International Warehousing Group are superior to any of those offered by their competitors.

The company's kitting specialists ensure a streamlined delivery mechanism. Products can be sent directly to the International Warehousing Group for professional assembly by company component specialists. As per customer requests, their specialists can either assemble kits that contain the components for later assembly, or assemble the product within their innovative facility, ready for the members of the International Warehousing Group's distribution team to take the product to the customer. This kitting and order processing service is ideal for organization's whose specialties are in the manufacturing of product components, as it provides a more efficient means of taking the product from the shop floor to the customer's door.

With the safety and security of the International Warehousing Groups cutting edge storage facilities, all products are protected from damage or theft. The company's security apparatus ensures that all products within their warehouses are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a work in order to protect their clients from financial loss due to stolen or damaged goods.

As a full-service organization, International Warehousing Group is also ideally positioned to provide organizations with a first-class array of back-end services. The company's services in this area include data entry, professional invoicing, EDI services, ensuring legal compliance, and being a 3rd party manager to their clients' own warehouse facilities.

Allow the specialists at International Warehousing Group to be your New York based warehousing solutions provider and get back to focusing on what your organization does best while this North American industry leader focuses on what they do best. With a keen-eye on the latest innovations in the warehousing industry, there is no better partner going forward, than the International Warehousing Group. Contact the solutions experts today.

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