Successful Warehousing Operations Can Boost Repeat Business

Successful Warehousing Operations Can Boost Repeat Business
The golden age of mail order was, until recently, considered to be over. However, in recent years, the mail order commercial sector has been given a new lease of life by the advent of the internet and online shopping. This, combined with more traditional methods of mail order such as catalogues or agency modelled businesses mean that there is an increased demand for warehousing and fulfilment services. Established auction websites and online retailers have been seen to be increasing their offering to meet increased customer demand. For example; online retailers who previously specialised in providing certain goods or services are now diversifying their range to appeal to a wider bracket of customers.

This surge in the number of people shopping online has been invaluable to the UK logistics, fulfilment services and warehousing industry as it has created more work and thus more jobs: two things that have been in decline over the recent turbulent economic period. However, whilst an increase in customer activity is positive news, it means that some businesses have struggled to meet this augmented demand. To ensure that customers bring repeat orders into a business, it is imperative that the customer journey is not impacted in a negative way. This means meeting fulfilment requirements and ensuring that orders are met in the correct way. Successful and smooth logistical operations from the point of placing an order to the customer receiving their parcel will help businesses to create a positive customer experience which in turn will have an impact on the customers impression of the company and will hopefully generate repeat business.

At International Logistics Group, we work closely with our business partners to understand the needs of their customers and to ensure that their fulfilment services and warehousing needs are met in order to create a positive customer experience and generate repeat business.

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