California Creative solutions Data Warehousing

California Creative solutions Data Warehousing
With a vast repository of data at hand, it becomes necessary to develop a fast information retrieval system enabling instant access to the right data at the right time. California Creative Solutions (CCS Global Tech) provides real time Data Warehousing solutions for business enterprises in a cost effective and business optimized package. Data warehousing involves analysis, research and processing of the huge amount of data generated in an office environment and enterprise settings, for its efficient retrieval and use. Data warehousing requires efficient business intelligence tools, data mining and extraction of reports that enable market research and well informed business decisions.

Data warehousing is a necessity for businesses that depend on data based on market research and customer assessment, for tracking their ROI.
Using trend analysis and management for logistics and inventories, businesses are better equipped to plan their future strategies and take well-informed business decisions. This also enables enhanced Customer Relationship Management and performance reporting. A good data warehousing solution helps businesses in generating details about visitors to their websites and the purchases made. It also helps monitor payment details and customer feedback and complaints.

Certified (ISO 9001:2008) for its Quality Management System, California Creative Solutions (CCS) Global Tech uses advanced and competitive tools to build a reliable, consistent and comprehensive data warehouse for an enterprise’s data management needs. It offers data conversion from pre-existing legacy systems that are inefficient and irregularly managed. California Creative Solutions managed data warehousing solutions give enterprises an edge over others by helping in identification of benefits and analyzing potential opportunities, enabling better returns from investments (ROI). By identifying and extracting the right kind of data at the right time and enabling its quick and easy retrieval, it is possible to take key business decisions.

CCS specializes in creation of Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDWH) using data architecture modeling and data warehousing tools, based on solid migration strategies, quality testing and implementation. It analyses individual requirements of an enterprise and designs a customized data warehouse optimized for the particular organization. CCS also offers training for efficient use of the data warehouse to the staff and key members immediately after product delivery. The fact that California Creative Solutions data warehousing solutions rely on business intelligence reports, has won it great acknowledgment among its clientele. CCS’s Data warehousing package includes Database modeling and re-engineering, ETL using Informatics, Oracle BI Suite, SQL Server BI Suite and database, Congas, BI/OLAP using Business objects and Pentagon BI Suite. California Creative Solutions data warehousing tools include Data Source Analysis Expertise in SQL Loader, dimensional modeling, Meta data management, Sybase, COBOL Files and Excel Files, Flat Files, DTS packages and data quality testing based on DB Diff and utility scripts.