Top Five Reasons To Outsource Inventory Warehousing

Top Five Reasons To Outsource Inventory Warehousing
Storing merchandise is necessary to any company selling commodities. Whether the business is selling wholesale fashion apparel or large airline parts, inventory warehousing through a third party inventory warehousing company has many advantages to a large or small sized business. By considering inventory warehousing, you can advance your business by cutting costs, increasing efficiency and improving overall customer satisfaction. Here are top five reasons to outsource to third party inventory warehousing:

1. Inventory Warehousing Services: Cutting Costs for Businesses

Storage space does not come cheap. Industries such as tools and automotive require a lot of warehouse space to safely store parts and equipment. This typically overlooked aspect to running a business chips away at profits quickly. Hiring a local inventory warehousing company is a method of having your products close by, without the required on site space.

2. Security and Fireproofing

Inventory warehousing companies such as International Warehouse Group have patrolling security guards, 24/7 video surveillance and secure doors. Automated sprinkler systems are installed to protect client's products. A benefit to storing your merchandise with an inventory warehousing company is that if anything were to happen to your company's location, the bulk of your most important business assets are safe.

3. Climate Controlled Environment

An inventory warehousing service can accommodate a businesses' merchandise right up to keeping it safe from cold, humidity or other external environmental conditions. International Warehouse Group can accommodate dry, temperature controlled, and humidity controlled goods.

4. Knowledgeable and Specialized Staff

Concentrating on your core business while leaving the inventory warehousing requirements to professionals, will save a company a lot of time, money and hassle. Many people have heard the phrases, "stick with what you know," and "don't spread yourself thin." Practicing these business fundamentals is a management priority in any sector. By hiring an inventory warehousing company to manage your merchandise, business owners can forfeit the responsibility of training and managing staff, working in an industry they may know little about.

5. Taking Advantage of other services offered

Companies like International Warehouse Group offer more business solutions than just inventory management. Hiring for pick and pack, transportation, distribution and clerical work will keep most management tasks in one place. This will make business decisions easier.

Business owners hire a third party inventory warehousing service to run their company efficiently with the help of the industry's experienced professionals. When a businesses product is safe, and merchandise is delivered and itemized in a timely and orderly fashion, a business can thrive. Overall inventory management is the right step towards gaining and retaining a strong customer base.

International Warehouse Group: Inventory Warehousing Specialists

International Warehouse Group has four locations nation wide. Businesses have local access to a combined one million square feet of both indoor and outdoor storage facilities. International Warehouse Group has been in the inventory warehousing industry for over thirty years. The company's top priority is offering flexibility, keeping their client's product safe, and helping to run small to large size businesses efficiently with cost effectiveness in mind. To read more about inventory warehousing or to contact International Warehouse Group visit Intlwhsegrp.

To read more about inventory warehousing or to contact International Warehouse Group visit

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